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River & Beach Attractions in Bangladesh

.: Cox's Bazar
The longest unbroken 123km sea beach in the world

Cox’s Bazar perhaps the most attractive tourist spot in the country. The World’s longest unbroken beach slops down gently to the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. The small town of Cox’s Bazar was named after Lt Cox who gave shelter to the Maghs people fleeing Burmese army in the late 18th century. 
The Scenic Beach at Cox's Bazar

Today Cox’s Bazar is a vibrant town with modern buildings and hotels and is the number one tourist destination for Bangladeshis and foreigners alike. 
When you are in Cox’s Bazar, you may want to wake up early in the morning and go to the beach and to view the sunshine. A walk down in the beach in the morning itself is quite a bit of an experience. Some people prefer to drive along the beach further to the south and can see how the locals make their living from the sea. While staying in hotel in Cox’s Bazar town a day trip to the broken hills of Himchhari, to the rubber gardens of Ramu or even to the sandy coconut island St Martin is worth making.

The beauty of the setting-sun behind the waves of the sea is simply captivating. Locally made cigars and handloom products of the tribal Rakhyne families are good buys.

Broken Hills and Waterfalls of Himchhari
Himchhari, located 18 km south of Cox's Bazar along the sea beach, is a nice place for picnic and film shooting. The broken hills and waterfalls here are unique spots.
.: Inani Beach
The fine golden sandy & stone beach

The beautiful Inani beach is in Ukhia Thana and 32 km to the south of Cox’s Bazar. Inani beach with the sea to the west and background of steep green hills to the east is just half an hour buy bus from Cox’s Bazar. It is famous for the rock and coral boulders.
Inani Beach

.: Sonadia Island
The sandy and the beds of oysters

Sonadia with an area of 9 sq km is a crescent shaped island to the north-west of Cox's Bazar and 7 km into the sea. Its western coast is sandy and is rich in different kinds of shells. Every winter thousands of fishermen camp here and make large hauls. The island is a centre of the dry fish industry. Another attraction of the island is the sight of game birds migrating here in great numbers during the winter season.
Sonadia Island

.: St. Martin Island
The tropical unspoiled paradise of great scenic beauty

Bangladesh unspoiled paradise St. Martin Island
The small coral island is about 10 km south west of Teknaf, the southern tip of Bangladesh is beautiful tropical island beaches fringed with coconut plants and almost unspoilt marine life. If one is looking for serenity St Martin is definitely the place to be. It is quite possible to walk around the entire island in a day. Going for hiking around the island can definitely be an adventure. Most of the island’s 5000-odds inhabitants live mainly from fishing.

There's nothing more strenuous to do here than soak up the sun and drink green coconut water, but it's a clean and peaceful place without even a mosquito to disrupt your serenity.
Getting there:
Getting to the island from Dhaka is quite a bit journey. Firstly one has to travel to Cox’s Bazar either from Dhaka or Chittagong. From Cox’s Bazar catch a bus to Teknaf. From Teknaf passenger ferries run daily in the morning and it takes about 3 hours to get to the island. It is difficult to go and come back to the mainland in one day, so plan to stay at least one night in islands only 8-room hotel or in the humble guest room of a retired school teacher.

 .: Patenga Beach
The meeting place of the Bay of Bengal and the river Karnaphuli

Petanga Beach in Chittagong
Patenga beach at Chittagong is one of the most popular beaches of Bangladesh, stretching for miles near at the meeting place of the Bay of Bengal and the river Karnaphuli. Nature lovers come around here to enjoy the scenic sunrise and sunset.
Patenga is about 22 km. from Chittagong. On the way to the beach, one passes Shah Amanat Intl’ Airport. Another ideal picnic spot is the Fouzdarhat sea beach about 16 km. from Chittagong. Patenga sea beach is one of the major attractions of Chittagong for the tourists. Besides the sea beach, you can enjoy boating and river cruise in the river Karnaphuli. You can see the busy seaport activities here.
.: Kuakata
View both sunset and sunrise

Kuakata Beach: Sunset and Sunrise
Kuakata is one of the best examples of untouched natural beauty in Bangladesh. The sea-beach resort is increasingly becoming famous amongst people in Bangladesh. However, with better infrastructure in the future there would definitely be a great increase in tourism in the area. The beach has a unique beauty to offer to its spectators, the rare full view of the rising and setting of the sun in the sea viewed from a single beach. The long and wide beach at Kuakata has a typical natural setting.

Kuakata is also a sanctuary for thousands of migratory birds and this adds to the beauty of the truly beautiful beach. Lazing off at the beach can definitely be a great pastime, with only the sound of the ocean to disturb you. The beach is said to be safe for visitors both at night and during the day. However, the whole sea-faring village seems to sleep at around 10 at night, so the place goes quiet pretty early.

Kuakata is the haven for the traveller who intends to spend his/her holiday in solitude. If one is with a newly-wed or partner, this can definitely be a nice place to get to know each other better. Travelling in a group is definitely a bash in Kuakata.
Accommodations are quite good, but the Parjatan at Kuakata is the safest and cosiest place. There are a number of other hotels around the badh (dam), and asking a rickshaw-van driver to take you there would be the wisest.
Getting there
There are direct buses to Kuakata, which leave from Gulistan at 05:00H everyday. Alternatively travel to Patuakhali by launch and then take a bus to Kuakata. The roads from Patuakhali to Kuakata are somewhat not in good shape.

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